My Favorite Music for Sessions

January 21, 2021


The power of music is SO SO STRONG. I’m the type of person that loves to listen to music that matches my mood. (that enneagram 4 stuff coming’ out y’all) and I’m pretty sure my talents of name that tune + my total minutes listened on Spotify would be hard to beat by many music junkies.

Ya know how a song can speak to you, change your mood, enhance a moment, make you cry, make you laugh – all the things – UGH I’m so here for it. Hearing early 2000s punk rock and ska immediately takes me back to high school (cue the Blink 182, Reel Big Fish, New Found Glory, Sum 41, and Green Day) and you better believe anytime I hear Cyclone by T-Pain I’m immediately back to dancing at a bar with my girlfriends from college. Play Use Somebody by Kings of Leon and all my memories of working at Rookies Sports Bar come flooding back and Rescue by Lauren Daigle has always accompanied times of hard prayers that will make me cry every. damn. time.

I don’t even remember the exact time I insisted on playing music during my sessions but it’s been so amazing! I buy one of these All Terrain speakers every year (cause I always lose it at some point) and its so nifty. (yup. totally said nifty). Waterproof and Maggie proof (I drop it all the time) and has a sturdy clip so I can attach it to me, my bag, or a harness easily.

Music has been so powerful during sessions to bring out different emotions and really focus on what the family loves. I often play DJ with everyone – and love to find out what families like to listen to together – or separately (ha!) and if they’re down we have a dance party. The only sessions I dont play music is newborns (and in that case – I have a Shusher – cause its magic)

So here’s the fun part – I FINALLY curated my ultimate session playlist – and I’m sharing it with all of you! A mix of classics, acoustic, indie and folk sure to at least have a crowd-pleaser for each family member or some singing-along. (but dont be afraid to bust out the Old Town Road or Vanilla Ice for the dance partying).

Feel free to follow and share! I’ll be updating as new music comes out and I’m sure some songs will retire.



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