My style doesn't allow my heart to only give my clients a few images or prints. That's why my collections deliver the whole digital gallery. When telling your story + documenting your moments I don't want to leave out any details - and I don't want you to miss them either. My beautiful online galleries always offer a la carte pricing for prints, canvases, and albums. Leaving you with the whole story - not just a chapter. 

why do you deliver digital images verse prints?


For indoor sessions I try to shoot when there is adequate light streaming into your home or the location which is typically between 9am-3pm depending on the time of year. 

For outdoor sessions I like to start an hour to an hour and a half before sunset (which changes year round!). If you are worried about children up past bedtime I can recommend locations that will still have beautiful light at an earlier time or we can schedule a sunrise session! If you are drawn to the images with golden light in my portfolio you are going to want that ideal time! 

what time will my session be at? 


I love to shoot at large parks or private land where you and your kids feel free to be yourselves without onlookers. I also have a huge spot in my heart for using your home! I come to you!  This being said - I also love new locations and am totally game if you have something specific in mind! 

I will not be providing travel outside of the Quad Cities area in 2023 and I no longer shoot outdoors from mid November through February due to Midwest winters.

where will my session take place?


I only book motherhood/fatherhood, maternity, newborn and family sessions at this time. My passion lies in lifestyle + storytelling photography so I am no longer taking on any more couples, weddings, extended family, seniors or other types of sessions to allow more time with family and friends on weekends.

i don’t see a session I want to book in your packages - what about those?


Two mirrorless Sony A7iiis. Depending on my mood I’ll shoot with two bodies with my Rose Anvil camera harness or I’ll just shoot with one Sony mirrorless. I currently use my iPhone 11 Max for photos of my kiddos on the go.

I have a variety of lenses but love my Sigma ART 24mm and Sigma ART 35 for the majority of my work. I also have a Lensbaby, GoPro, and MavicAir Drone. I keep everything safe and sound in my Brevite camera bag.

what's in your camera bag? 


My post processing workflow consists of dumping all of your gorgeous 100% raw photos onto my MacBook pro laptop. I back up all my photos on an external hard drive and online backup until your online gallery is delivered. I also shoot with cameras with dual memory card slots so if one goes bad during a session the other one has your memories safe + sound. I look through each photo individually for emotion + lighting and decide which images make the cut for hand editing and delete the rest. I do 99% of my editing in Lightroom and will occasionally pull into Photoshop for some advanced editing. 

what is your post processing workflow?


I only offer a select number of mini sessions per year.  As my style is candid + storytelling I do not offer any smaller packages with fewer images at this time to allow more time to focus on lifestyle sessions. Nothing rushed - and plenty of time for me to tell your story.

what if I want just a
few images?


No I don’t! I am 100% self taught besides a few one day courses and all self-study. I've spent many late nights and in-between times in life researching, studying, and further educating myself. I actually received my Masters in Occupational Therapy at 22 years old and worked in that field for 5 years before switching to full time photography and couldn’t be happier. 

do you have a degree in photography?


Three ways! 

1: I love my 24mm Sigma ART wide angle lens + live view mode. 

2: I bring a 4 foot ladder to the majority of my sessions. 

3:  And…. I’m tall. 

how do you get those shots from up high?


Yes! - I am a registered corporation, pay my taxes like a boss, carry a commercial drone license and have insurance coverage for all those what-if moments (for my drone too!). I'm happy to provide a copy if needed.

are you official?