add on a styled shoot with me after we chat for $600

I GOT YOU. Seriously! I'm an open book and want to dig into what can help you grow on alllll the topics. You'll receive a pre-chat questionnaire to nail down what's important to you and where we should focus our time. 

$800 / one on one 2 hour q+A style 


"you may say i'm a dreamer

but i'm not the only one."

- the beatles

name it...
we'll cover it. 

taxes, insurance, client management systems, tracking income/expenses, contracts, business model, file management

 workflow, editing, presets

manual mode, exposure triangle, settings

 prompts, posing, lighting, styling, client experience, 

portfolio, website, social media

business basics

the session

post processing

the gear


portfolio and social media reviews

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"you will not regret investing in a mentorship with maggie. not only is she full of knowledge, down to earth, and an incredible creative, she makes you feel like you've been friends for years. i had so many "ah-ha" moments during our coffee chat and watching her photograph a session. if you want to take your business to the enxt level, this is the mentorship to do it. She discussed branding, styling, client communication, and so much more!"
-Claire Mayo photography

the best investment i made in my business by far. She answered every question i had and answered so many i didn't even know I had. from editing to photo delivery to bookkeeping, maggie had the perfect advice for it all. she is an open book and is such a sweet human! maggie gave me the best thing i could've asked for, confidence. couldn't have made the leap without maggie." 
-Sabra lyons Photo

“Thinking about mentoring with maggie? Just flipping do it! I can't even express how much i got out of my hours with her. we went over every aspect of photography and business (from technical tips like BBF and composition to how she handles sessions from start to finish). She has an entire itinerary ready and leaves no stone unturned. i full on interrogated her during our session and she withheld nothing. she is not only a huge talent, but also just a great human- to me the combination makes time with her priceless".
- tale of james creative

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