Whatever it is, i’d love to tell your family’s story…. but first - here’s mine.

yep. it’s my face again. you’re the one who clicked about.

hi. It's me. margaret... but you can call me maggie... last name rechkemmer.
(yes, you’ll for sure butcher this last name the first 5 times you say it - it’s okay). 

Enneagram 3 wing 4 // closet star wars nerd (guess not anymore) // only tv show ill rewatch is schitts creek // not afraid of reheated coffee // i love all things retro // vintage // pre-loved

So here we are! I’m first a stay-at-home mom to two kiddos and wife to my husband, Alex, who is a firefighter/paramedic. I spend work hours in the evenings on my couch with the latest netflix binge or with other creatives in a coffee shop during the day. We are often found in our 1914 craftsman home dancing around the table to the latest Disney hit or exploring in our backyard timber. I have our Halloween costumes planned by August, I spend far too many hours on Pinterest creating a never-ending to-do list for my husband and I can't say no to pour over coffee, trips to Target, and long lasting hugs. My pride + joy is my relationship with HIM, my kiddos, and my hunky fireman husband.

the most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your home

My family is my constant inspiration for documenting interactions + connections. I never want to forget how it feels for my kiddos to fall asleep on my shoulder, grab my hand, or belly laugh so hard at my animal impressions. My husband and I always know there will be a “last time” for these things and know how important it is to have tangible memories. Thats where I come in. 

the biz

Honestly - photography wasn’t really on my radar - but art was. I’ve loved to draw, design, paint, and play music for as long as I can remember. There’s always been something therapeutic and so so fulfilling to me to create something out of nothing that I’m proud of. But - plot twist - I also love serving and helping others. Heck - just being around people! I’m non-judgemental and extremely empathetic (sympathetic crier here) so I ended up getting a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy and worked in that field for 5 years - until we began to grow our family! I ended up taking my side-gig photography business full time after we decided I would stay home with our son Abe. Business started in 2015, full time mid 2017 and here we are! Another kid (baby girl Ezra) added to the mix in 2018 and we’re one crazy crew. Maggie Rechkemmer Co. was a long shot dream that I can’t believe is my “job” and getting to make art and document families totally fills my soul.

Guys. Life is busy. Too. Damn. Busy. We don’t document like we used to. My clients love the feel of a photo album in their hands that could be held by their children and great grandchildren. They want to be 92 years old and open up old photo boxes and remember how wild their little boy was or the sweet curls on the back of their daughters neck. The way it felt for little arms to be wrapped around so tight or the infectious giggles as they blew raspberries on their belly. Skinned knees. Dirty hands. Sleepy eyes. mismatched socks. I’m here to document it all. I’m over perfect. Let’s remember imperfect together. 

meet my kind of people here.

My kind of people.


“I absolutely adored working with Maggie!! She went above and beyond my wildest dreams and was so creative. She has found what her heart loves and it shows in everything she captures! Pure joy shines through her images. If you’re looking for a photographer — STOP, you’ve found the one!”


“I have already told several people how relaxed and personable you are. Your fun loving spirit made the whole session stress free! Thank you for creating these images which will be cherished for a lifetime!”


“Maggie is so optimistic and enthusiastic! I loved working with her and my family felt so comfortable with her!! She does an amazing job! An added plus, she understands how kids operate. This is really appreciated and a bonus!”


“It is a unique experience that does not feel like a dreaded photo session. It’s like hanging out and having fun yet having captured images of the memories in the end!”


“Maggie is passionate about what she does, you can feel it in your bones. She is full of energy and works well with kiddos. She has an eye with colors and helps you to find a family friendly style that can be so hard to figure out on your own!” 


“I always tell Maggie that she has an uncanny ability to make me feel calm and beautiful. She’s seen us through some major milestones: maternity, newborn, one year and a couple sessions in between. She is an artist always creating something new and different - but with that specific style. I feel blessed to have a wall filled with her hard work.”

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